Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bee and Me in 2011

Firstly I would love to thank each and every one of my customers and facebook 'likers' for your support and helping Bee and Me become a success in 2010 I truly appreciate each comment and sale I receive. Also to hear that you are getting lovely comments on the outfits when your beautiful kids wear them is pure bliss!! 

I love my job SO MUCH but I found this year I was working nearly every weekend which took me away from treasured moments with my family and I don't want this happening next year. They are my everything and kids grow so fast I don't want to miss out on all the weekend fun. :)

Normally I take each and every custom order that I receive but next year I will have to limit the custom orders each month.  I may have some help next year but I don't want to promise anything so for next year once I have my quota of custom orders for that month I will have to put them on hold until those are complete. Thank you all for understanding and we are all mums so I know you'll see where I'm coming from.  I'm fortunate to have the support from my husband to run my own business. It's not just creating the outfits there is so much more to it and there's only little old me doing the best I can.

I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a successful/happy NEW YEAR!! Be safe, have fun and I will see you all in 2011.  I'm unsure of my date that I will be back to work in January as I have to get outfits done for my photoshoot but I will keep you all up to date via facebook.

Dani. xxx