Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HMK Rising Star Awards!

Hello fans! I would love to win some advertising for Bee and Me  on Handmade Kids - this is part of the prize for the winner of the Rising Star Awards. I know it's a big ask but all you have to do if you want to help me out is email jemma@handmadekids.com.au with who you would like to nominate (my url is www.beeandme.com.au) and why you are nominating us.  Nominations must be in by midnight Australia Day so today is my last chance!  Thank you all in advance if you could take the time to do this, it would be highly appreciated!!  If you aren't a fan on Handmade kids on facebook please fan them to find great handmade stuff for kids from some very talented people.

Dani. xx

Friday, January 22, 2010

Suprise your friend & Share the love!

I've been through some hard times in my life and always had a friend to count on to get me through the bad times. Even just knowing she was there if I needed her was enough as I'm not much of a "feeling sharer". ANYWAY what I want you guys to do is nominate a friend that you want to give something back to and I will pick one person and I will send her either an outfit for one of her kids (sizes from 00-4) or a custom made bag and will pop a little note in there that it's from YOU! We can discuss colours, items etc once I pick the winner via email.

I love giving and would give away more if I could. God I remember when I was in Bali my hubby would barter on a really cheap price and I would sneak them more money!! They need it so badly though. I'm not doing this for advertising or to get more fans - I just love giving away prizes etc and thought this would be a cool and fun way to do it.

On my fan page is a discussion tab so if you want to nominate someone just tell me a bit about why you love them so much and their name and I will pick one lucky person at some stage sunday afternoon.  It's a bit of fun and a chance to give back!  SHARE THE LOVE!!