Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HMK Rising Star Awards!

Hello fans! I would love to win some advertising for Bee and Me  on Handmade Kids - this is part of the prize for the winner of the Rising Star Awards. I know it's a big ask but all you have to do if you want to help me out is email jemma@handmadekids.com.au with who you would like to nominate (my url is www.beeandme.com.au) and why you are nominating us.  Nominations must be in by midnight Australia Day so today is my last chance!  Thank you all in advance if you could take the time to do this, it would be highly appreciated!!  If you aren't a fan on Handmade kids on facebook please fan them to find great handmade stuff for kids from some very talented people.

Dani. xx

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