Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo shoot postponed.....

Well there's a lot happening here in the Bee and Me household! We've decided to put our house on the market in a few weeks time and anyone that has done this knows the stress and hard work that comes with it. My business has taken over the house so we need to find something a little bigger.  So I've postponed the photo shoot for a few more months. Sorry to keep doing this but I promise gorgeous photo's when we finally get around to doing it. 

New stock went in today and I'll be working on boys outfits around my customs (yes I'm taking customs again Woo Hoo!!!) and orders. Once my custom slots are full for February they will close again til next month. Thanks to all for your orders and enquiries today.

Better go and look at the packing boxes and try and figure out where to start.... god just thinking about it I need a wine! Have a great weekend.   Dani. xx